I am trying desperately to find a way to buy the product from scratch, however I cannot find any option.

PLease helps as this is starting to be an extreme hustle for me.

Any type of suggestion is much appreciated!

THanks in advance!!

Steinberg shop?

Make sure you buy a USB e-licenser.

Where are you? I’m assuming the Steinberg shop does not have it listed in your location?

If this is the case you’ll need to find a third party supplier. Someone may be able to help if yousay where you are.

First of all, thanks for both your responses - however, you can be sure I’ve already browsed that store up and down :slight_smile:.

I only find upgrades from previous versions, not the full pack, so I don’t want to risk spending money to buy an upgrade from a previous version (which I do not have).

@J-S-Q: Will the e-Licenser work on any downloaded version?
I will try to document myself a little on this USB eLicenser

@planarchist: I am currently in India (Hyderabad) with work, normally I live in Romania and this is the way I configured my Steinberg account

Again, thanks for your support in this matter, really appreciated!!

Really? If you go here

Don’t you see this?

Nope, I would have expected it to be there, but I see the list starting from Update from 8.5 :slight_smile:.

I would have bought it 5 times until now if it was there.

I think planarchist was right, maybe it’s the fault of my location… .

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

It looks like it is a location issue…not sure if it’s because you’re in India or because you’re in India with an account set up in Romania?

Strange as I’d have thought you’d be able to buy it in both those locations. But I seem to recall people have reported difficulties before when trying to buy licenses in different geographical regions from where their account is registered(?).

An update version won’t work unless you already have a license for the relevant earlier version.

If you can get hold of a USB eLlicenser you should then be able just to download the software but if you can’t see an option for that it doesn’t really help.

Looking at the distributors page for Steinberg (below) it has Yamaha listed for India so maybe they can help directly?

Yes, the e-Licenser is needed for Steinberg’s copy protection system. You can’t use Cubase Pro without it (and I think Cubase Artist as well). If you buy Cubase Elements then you don’t need the USB e-Licenser.

Thanks for the reply bro - I am very pleased to see supportive people around here, again proof that music lovers stick together.

The weird part is that this same scenario was happening in Romania also, not only here.

@ J-S-Q: Thanks for the info man, I will go with Cubase pro, so I’ll also look for this USB e Licenser, if I don’t find it in the bundle that I hope to purchase.

I’ll try to browse the list and on Saturday, I’ll take some time to visit all approved distributor’s shops around here.

I’ll keep you guys posted with my progress, who knows, maybe this will help some other poor fellow like me :slight_smile:.

If you guys come across other solutions, please feel free to post or PM.

Again, your support is much appreciated!!

Much Love,


Huh, just thought of this - do you guys think this could be related to the fact that I am using a Windows 10 OS?

No. I’m on windows 10. Both the Steinberg site and Cubase work just fine on Windows 10.

Good to know, so basically I’ll go to an Yamaha store found close by from my location here in India and hope for the best :slight_smile:.

Thanks again guys, you guys rock!!

Hi - already been through similar to what you’ve been through. I live in Australia and could not for the life of me find the damn thing on the online store back in the Cubase 7 days. Double yew tee eff??? I ended up going to a music retailer who was a licensed retailer where I was able to purchase it. I then had a similar experience a year or two later trying to buy something else from Steinberg, maybe Halion 5 or something like that. I was seeing all these ads but on the online store? Nothing. In the end gave up on it, and boy I was so mad I almost quit and threw my USB licenser out. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I want to know if the e-licenser can be purchased from anywhere at all and be used with the software purchased from the website. Thanks.

Yes you can purchase the Steinberg USB eLicense dongle from anywhere who sells it and use it on the software purchased from the Steinberg site.

Good luck finding one as I hear the USB eLicense dongle is on backorder due to the high demand of the current special offers.

Regards :sunglasses: