Please help me choose....

Hi All!! Please help me choose between (A) and (B) for the vocal. Thanks!!



Thanks and have a great day!! :smiley:

Hey, Brett, you’re knocking out some good stuff, my man. Right…

First listen: seemed a no-brainer - A. You can hear the voice breaking, more emotional.

Second listen: I was just about to post then I though I’d better actually listen to the whole thing (ahem…) and while I stick by A for the opening I can’t make up my mind about the second half where it picks up. I think I’m wavering in favour of B but see what the others think and I’ll come back for a surprise listen later.

Couldn’t decide whether these were the same take re-treated. They sound very alike but my memory…

Hi…for me it’s B…interesting song…

Very nice, both sound good to me. I think I personally prefer B, mostly because it’s easier to distinguish.

I like the emotion in the 1st part of A and the 2nd part of B

I believe they are 2 different takes, and there is a clear tonal difference,
I wonder if you cut and paste those sections together you could match them
with some EQ teaking??

Just a thought


Ok…I took the best of all takes and added some effect and came up with option ©:

Thanks all!


Yes, C it is! :slight_smile:

Good song, interesting! :sunglasses:
I like that you double the vocals in a few places.


Thanks Wim!

Now i’m obsessing…give a listen between © and (D). On D, I added deesser and EQ. Thanks!! :mrgreen:

Let me see… there’s a minor difference… I think I prefer D, it sounds a little more open.

I’m guessing E will even be better… :wink:

Just kidding, I think this is great! :slight_smile:


Ha beating your self up lol. I like the Darkness of mix (maybe its the mastering) of C and I think the vocal sits better in track. Great orchestration I’m not usually a big fan of lots of strings but you did this really well!
The only issue in version C is the P pop at around 24sec which I didn’t notice on D…oh well we become obsessive over these little things I think its a great tune and sounds good too.

LOL! We’ll eventually get to (Z)!! :laughing:

sounds like the De-esser is working too hard in places, could try going in manually and reducing each Sss.
Its an effort and a time killer, but can give better results than just using the de-esser on its own.
Then try applying a tiny bit of the de-esser after the edits. :smiley:

Lookin forward to ‘Z’ :laughing: :wink:

I think it’s popping all over the place and there are some very boomy moments when the first word of a line comes in, like “Hold” in line 2. Continues in the louder bit but not as obvious. Other than that, I can’t make up my mind. I don’t think it sits quite right. It needs to be slightly more subsumed, maybe warming it up would work (lo-mids?) and roll off that bottom end. Try it on some small speakers too.

I nearly run out of letters of the alphabet when I’m at this point…

[Edit: You could try scooping some lo-mids out of the backing rather than boost on the vocal.]

I hope so it’s my favorite letter lol

LOL!!! and here’s…(E)!!! :laughing:

Fixed the pops (i think?) and also dialed in the effect at .58 (i think it’s cool, so off limits to bashing!!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for all the great feedback! I love this forum! You all are so helpful, i have learned a ton over the last year or so!

OH, and the song…the lyrics were written by a friend of mine who’s daughter is very sick. She wants this to put to a video she created to hopefully go viral to raise awareness and potentially raise funds. The little girls pic is on the track.


And to those who are thinking about making crap up just to see if I will take this to (Z), i’m ON TO YOU! I’m done at (E). DONE!! lol! :confused:

Oh and by the way, the new link is still labeled (D). I messed up. It’s supposed to be (E).

Nice job, Brett, sounds about there, I’d say. But I would also say that there’s still too much bottom on some introductory syllables. Looking forward to F… :wink: :smiley:

NO! :mrgreen:

No…? (where’s a finger-wagging icon when you need one? :wink: )