Please help me - Disk Cache Load Question!

Dear Forum Users,

I’m using Cubase 9.5.40 and it’s working pretty much perfectly - however, I was hoping someone could suggest a fix for this:

In a project of just 25 tracks (15 audio, 10 instrument) when I move the cursor to a new location in the mix, in the transport panel, the meter for “Disk Cache Load” peaks into the red EVERY time I move the cursor. When playing back from the middle of a mix, the audio cuts and glitches out temporarily before finding itself again - every time!

I’ve increased the Page File size on my PC from around 2000 MB to 5000 MB and am running a Sony Laptop with i7 processor and 8GB RAM with a 1TB SSD HD.

This did not happen in Cubase 7 from which I upgraded.

What settings do I need to change and where? I hope someone can help!

Kind Regards,

Does anyone know anything about this at all? Kind of comforting that it’s not just me! But can anyone offer any help?


What is your audio buffer rate set to?

What is asio guard set to?

Try increasing the audio buffer. 9ms is in many cases enough during tracking. For mixing increase it more

Hmmm 8gb of ram, and 10 instruments, if they are sample based, could be you are running low on memory.
High performance power setting ?
Audio buffer size ?
Excluded Cubase and sample directory’s from anti virus real time protection ?