Please help me get up and running again!

So for 2 months now I haven’t been able to use Cubase on my Mac at all. Always used to run on PC flawlessly, but as soon as I changed to my macbook pro I can’t use it at all. Ill run through my specs, whats happnening and what I’ve done to try and fix it.


Mid 2011 Macbook Pro
Dual 2.7 GHz intel i7 processor
8 GB Ram
Was running 10.7.5
7200 RPM OWC firewire Drive

Interface - Apogee Duet

The issue:

-Audio dropouts
-Maxed processors with minimal to no plugins
-Pops, crackles, etc
-Complete lag

This means that not only can I not track, but I can’t have decent audio playback even for mixing. My processors max the meter and crackle and pop no matter what even if theres only 3 plugins in the project.

I’ve tried clean sessions, fresh install of the OS, all my settings (buffer etc). Nothing works. It also seems that logic or reaper don’t work either which makes me think this is a hardware issue in my computer as I know people run Cubase on their mac with no issues. Any help is greatly appreciated as I NEED to get up and running and making money again. Thanks

if you’ve got apple care, get it back to the shop !

things should improve after a clean install really !!

hope you get it working.

When you say fresh install do you mean you installed onto a disk with a system on it or not?

Also, there was another apogee user here who I believe solved some problem at least partially, but I don’t have time to search out that post.

My next step would be to do either do a clean install meaning that you would reformat the disk in OS X installer’s Disk Utility before installing the system.

Though it sounds from what you said there might be a hardware issue, It would be very weird to have only sound be affected.

Obviously you have tried the built-in sound VST driver, so I won’t mention that. :slight_smile:

Also I don’t see that you updated apogee drivers (if there is even an update)