Please Help me I am thick!!!!

Hi All

I have long avoided using the VST stuff on Cubase - thinking I was cool by only recording live instruments. However…I now need some dance music in my life!

I have Cubase LE 8 AI Elements. I think its just a basic one but its done the job so far. When I go to look at the VST Plug in Manager I only have Prologue. Whilst some of the sounds seem cool there doesnt seem to be any real drums. I then see that I don’t have HalionOne or any other VST instruments. I am about to buy a new Midi Controller but reluctant to spend any more money if its not going to get me what I need.

So I guess my questions are:-

1: should I have more VST instruments in my list than I do already? If so how do I get them?

2: Are there any VST instruments people would recommend I get to start with

3: Are there any FREE VST instruments!!!

Thanks and sorry for the dumb questions… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:


Regarding question 3:
Check this out:

With your version of Cubase I believe you should have Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent. I started with that version of Cubase and have always had them available. I don’t use the Plugin Manager when selecting which VSTi I want to use. I usually add a new Instrument Track and choose in the drop down on there which instrument I want to use. If you do that it should show you all virtual instruments you have available.

The link that elzouzou posted above is a good site for finding other free virtual instruments and FX plug-ins. If you are looking for something specific you can always search Google for what you want followed by “free vst.” There are a lot of free plug-ins and virtual instruments available online. Hope this helps.


When I go onto New Instrument - it is letting me pick instruments from Groove Agent and Halion now BUT I am getting no sound. It comes up with “Track Instruments” and “Rack Instruments” - Track instruments I can choose from Groove agent etc but Rack instrument only has Prologue…

I have downloaded a couple of the freebies from the link - thanks - but not sure how I get to use them on cubase - ie they dont show on my VST instrument list???

Sorry I must be doing something stupid somewhere but need help!!