Please Help me problem on Install

Just installed Dorico onto my MacBook pro

First I get this screen 1 then after I put my Activation code in I get screen 2

I have no other profs open?

Do I need to have my USB Dongle in the Mac? I just want it on the Mac at the moment so I assume I don’t need it (its in my main Computer in the Studio).

The USB eLincenser needs to be inserted in order to run the application.

Dorico is installed on my 2010 i5 MBP, and a 2012 Mini. The eLincenser needs to be inserted into the computer that I’m using at the moment.

ah, ok thanks, but I was under the impression that if I install it onto one computer (my MAC in this case) I would not need to use USB.

You are correct - if you’re using a soft e-licencer then you don’t need the USB dongle. Try closing Dorico and running the eLicenser Control Center, then do ‘Perform maintenance’ from there and check that it’s accepted your Dorico serial number, then you should be able to close it and start Dorico.

So do I need to have my USB Dongle in the MAC to do this?
Im really confused, what is ‘Soft’ e-Licencer?

Done it, thanks for the help/info
I just installed it on the ‘soft’ licence :slight_smile:

Here is a follow-up question:

Can I activate the soft license from the Admin account on my Mac, but run Dorico from my unprivileged User account on that same Mac?

Explanation: I use the Admin account only for software installations, configuration changes, updates, etc. For security reasons, I prefer to do all my work from the unprivileged User account. Because the User account does not have administrator privileges, it is less likely (but not guaranteed) that malware can escalate to Administrator or root privileges if it starts up in the User account.

Yes, it should be fine: the Soft-eLicenser is system global and Dorico should be licensed for all user accounts on your computer.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were using the Soft-eLincenser.