please help me...question

I have a question.
I work in Cubase 7.5 (7.5.20) with two lcd screens.
On the firs screen I have the Cubase software and in the secend screen I can see the desktop of my computer.
On the second screen I arrange the mixer and effects with the option “always on top” But I can not do this
option “always on top” to the midi key editior and midi drum editor on the outside from cubase and move them to second-screen.
does not have that option.
Anybody know how to do it?

You’re posting in the wrong forum so the thread is likely to disappear or be moved.

But the answer is that you can’t really do it.

You can drag the parent window over both screens and place stuff un-maximised inside of that…not ideal but as close as you’ll get to what you want.

i’m sorry,
but Thanks for the Answer :slight_smile: