please help me to install cubase 10... omg

hi forum,
please help me to install cubase 10. this is insane.

i was using 9.5.

downloaded today 10.2 and double clicked first cubase 10 and NOT setup.

then it looks like some parts of cubase 10 installed.

then it somehow got stuck during start.

i restarted the computer. tried doucle clicking setup.

deinstalled cubase 10.

restart of the computer.

now again doubleclick setup but nothing happens. when i click it severl times
it get some error message that it cannot be extracted and cannot find the destination file.

come on, this cannot be so hard.

please help


Download Full Installer, please.

UnZIP the ZIP file. Install, from the unzipped folder.

Right-click to the installer and run it as an Administrator.

If it doesn’t help, make a screenshot of the error(s) and attach it, please.

Sounds like you were trying to install the CB 10.0.20 update. This file updates an existing version of CB 10. To upgrade from CB 9.5 you need to get the full CB 10 installer which is found in the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA).

Regards. :sunglasses:

thank you guys for reading.

i found out myself.
it takes something like 15-20 minutes on laptop for the setup programm to show any activity.
i used the task manager to find out that the hd is noodling around.

now its too late.
tomorrow is cubase 10 time.
good night and thanks again