Please help me with a sound problem

So I’ve been playing acoustic guitar and piano for a while now but until about 6 months ago never played electric guitar. Since I wanted to try my hand at recording some harder styles of music but I live in an apartment I bought an electric guitar (Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster), audio interface (Steinberg UR22C) and all the other necessary stuff. However it’s been a nightmare and it just seems that things keep going wrong and whenever one thing seems fixed another problem pops up.

It took me forever to get my interface to work with Garageband but now that it does the sounds are just terrible. Whenever I record my audio sounds extremely muffled and blown out. It’s especially bad in Garageband where the audio is constantly clipping unless I keep the gain on my input to a minimum and on the Garageband pre amp to a minimum. When I use the pre amps in DspMixFX its a little better but still quite bad. Playing a chord with anything above a -24 dBV input and output signal causes a blown out distorted sound, even on clean pre amps. Also Garageband often seems to feedback when I select one of the pre amps. Even when the gain on the pre amp and on my input, and both the volume and tone button on guitar are turned down completely.

My setup is:
Squier CV Jazzmaster
Fender Professional cable
Plug the guitar into input 2 of the UR22C
Toggle HiZ on
Connect a USB-C cable from interface to laptop (Laptop unplugged so no ground loops)
Use Garageband as a DAW

Is there someone who has any idea what I can do?