Please help me with editing audio

Please tell me how to get to the place where I can edit audio (not samples) cut, paste, cross fade, lower and increase volume, etc. and see the ruler right above, like on the instructional videos. If I just zoom in on the selected event, and it is not on the top of the track list, it is hard to adjust timing, if I open it in a lower zone, or new windows, I don’t see any of the above options. This is driving an aging cubase user crazy.

If you want to see ruler just follow the same steps as if you adding a new track but choose Ruler instead of Audio Track or MIDI track. You can then set it up to show you what you need. Bars, time stamps, etc.

As to editing audio everything is done within the audio track itself. If you click and drag on either left or right corner of your audio event it will create fade in (left side) or fade out (right side).
On the bottom of the audio event you have little squares, dragging them will “cut” the front or the back of audio event.
To split/divide the audio event you will have to use tools that are displayed on top your project window. It’s that row of icons starting with Arrow. Or you can right click on the event and the same tool window will pop up under your mouse cursor.

I hope that helps a little.

Thank you Rudal, that is a big help! I can take it from here.