PLEASE help me...

HI…I made some songs in cubase 5, now i upgraded to cubase 7.5.
BUT when i open the songs in C7.5, all the plugins i used in C5 is missing in C7.5.
Al the plugins works perfect in C7.5, but when i load a song i made in C-5, all the plugins is missing???

Heeeelp, i have tried everything…


Hi hrflikk!

Sorry, can’t open your pics, but have you checked out the plug-in manager (from the “Devices” menu at the top of the screen)? It “MIGHT” just be a matter of clicking the two tabs in there to get Cubase to recognize all of them.

If it’s not as simple as that, post back here, hopefully it’s just one or two clicks away!

have tried updating the plug in information and various, but nothing seems to work?

(btw, you say that all plugins are in fact there, but I don’t see “Intakt”)
One possible reason… have you updated those Instruments since you last saved the project that you are now trying to open?
You could at least try the following (but no guarantees that it will solve some of the problems)…
In that “Missing Ports” dialog, in the “Mapped ports” column, try to re-assign the desired instruments.

Do you still have Cubase 5 available? If so, does it still load ok there?
If all good so far, save Presets for each of those Instruments natively (i.e. in N.I. format, not as Cubase vstpresets).

Your next recourse, in Cubase 7.5, is to replace, in the VST Instruments Rack, all the ones that show !!!Missing!!!, with the ones that do load ok (and you’ll also have to reassign them in the Project Tracklist), then if you have been successful in saving those N.I. presets, try to reload them into the newly-loaded instruments. Otherwise, you are going to have to try to recreate all those patches manually :wink:.

ffs, i hawe over 100 songs made in C5, so then i hawe to manualy save presets of all the instuments?? jesus frackig crist!!! maby its time to change DAW.

Why don’t you keep opening old project with the 5? Seriously, if you start a new song, go with 7, but there are no reasons to not use 5 to keep updated your old songs. No headache.

Files from both C3 and C5. Frack me! lol

Changing DAWs won’t help you one bit - actually you’ll be having a lot more work. I have old recordings on 4-track tape, so sometimes you just take things as being finished and done or accept having to put in a lot of work to work on them again… Another good reason to always backup projects with everything (also) as audio.

it should not be such that when updating Cubase,the nw ver of Cubase cant load the plugins. i hawe abelton, an in ableton this is not an issue!

Did you try any of the things I suggested? (and you didn’t answer any of the questions… we try to help here, but we are not psychic! :wink: )
First of all, do those old projects still work ok in Cubase 5? (or, if they show as “missing” even there, then you have updated your N.I. plugins in the meantime, and they are no longer compatible with your recorded project… Which would be N.I’s responsibility, not Steinberg’s :wink: ).
You mention Ableton, but are you saying that a project recorded in Ableton (and using those same Instruments) at about the same time period as these Cubase 5 projects, still opens o.k. in the latest version of Ableton?

it works perfect on C3 and C5, but if i open a prjoect in C5/C7, thats made in C3, i got “missing” same if i open C5 project in C7.5.
its not only NI. its all type of intruments plugins.