Please Help Me

Hi, I have been using Cubase for about 8 years and never had this problem. I am getting a new rig at the mo. So I installed my Cubase 5.1 on my girlfriends laptop. It’s 64 bit. I have copied all my tunes onto the laptop and they have been working fine. I started a new tune, Which I am really feeling last night. I used some new vsti’s. [Spectralive_NXT] [SpectraQ] And [Fr extreme cinema delay]. About 4 this morning when I reopened the tune it just started crashing, I have been trying to sort it ever since, To no avail. After countless googling etc, I have come to the conclusion its a 32-64 bit plug/Host issue. I have tried that J Bridge, It didnt work. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please. I just want the Fr cinema delay and spectra stuff to work so I can finish the tune and export it. Before I get my new machine which isn’t for a couple of weeks. Ive attached some pics to make more sense of it. Someone please help me. :frowning:

A you can see in the images, I have unticked the program plug-ins vst2 x tab in the plugin information window. That’s the only way cubase wont crash when I open my tune. When its unticked it opens, But the fr delay and spectra stuff arent there, I know this is all a bit vague, But I have been trying for hours now, And I dont know where else to turn! lol :[