Please help new to nuendo

Greetings everyone new to this new to nuendo
I just received my USB-eLicenser however when I removed the usb from my computer to open up nuendo it says I need to activated the program and idk were to get the activation code from or do I have to plug the USB every time I want to use the program

You need to keep the USB dongle connected to your computer while you are using Nuendo.

^^^^^ This. It’s a dongle a.k.a. copy protection key, not a data storage device.

Thanks guys so there no activation code if there is we’re do I find it and if I lose the dongle do I just contact steinberg again

Any activation code is to activate/authorize the license on the dongle. You always need to have the dongle connected when you run Nuendo.

If you lose your dongle then you have a problem. You would have to get a new dongle and then you would have to contact Steinberg and ask them to replace the license so that you can authorize the new dongle. They have a program or something so that you can get a temporary license on a new dongle while you wait for them to process the request for a new permanent license.

There’s information on the website about all of this.