PLEASE HELP! Plugins not coming out as stereo

Hi there,

Im trying to use the amp modeller TH2 inside Cubase Pro 8.5; it doesnt matter if i record my guitar with a mono or stereo track, the plug just isnt outputting in stereo.

When i run TH2 stand alone outside cubase its stereo and lovely, whats going on?


Gear: UR824


are you using a stereo or mono input inside Cubase? I have both TH2 and TH3 here, they work fine.
Perhaps you have a stereo input bus and connect your guitar to either the L or R input?

Please, make sure that you use a mono input bus and a stereo track for TH2 (the stereo track routing will be assigned to your guitar’s mono input, so that both TH2 channels get the same input signal).

Example: Guitar -> UR824 Mono Input 1 -> Cubase mono input bus -> Stereo Audio Track with TH2


Just a point to add here is that the stereo track that emerges from the mono input looks like a mono track as there is only one signal line. All the processes from inserts work on that signal in stereo - THD 3 for instance. You can tell if it is a stereo track from the double circle in the inspector on the left of the arrange page.

Ace thank you