Please Help! Problem exporting to WAV

Please Help!

I know I’m using software that is outdated. but i’ve been working on this one song for a LONG time and it’s all in Cubase LE 1.0.

I’m finally done and I want to export the WAV (audio mixdown).

It sounds good when I play it in Cubase but something happens when I render the WAV file. There is distortion, like the volume is up too high. I am using the most logical settings:

file type: WAV
coding: PCM / Uncompressed
stereo interleaved
16 Bit
44.1 kHz
Include automation
include effects
“import to” boxex unchecked

when I play the resulting file, I can hear the music but there is distortion.

how can i fix this?!!?!?!

ONE THING I noticed, when I hear the distortion, I am listening to the WAV file on VLC media player, and I just noticed the volume is set to over 100%. When I turn it below 100% there is much less distortion. But I played some other music over 100% and it is not distorted like mine is.

Is it as simple as I need to lower the master volume before I export?

(and by the way, why does the media player let you turn up the volume to over 100%?.. do other players do that too?)

please help!! how can I fix/improve my export to WAV? I want it to sound exactly like it does when I play it in Cubase.

thank you
gary in vermont

Have you tried playing this file back in any other type of player?

Have you tried playing the file back in Cubase?

What is the peak level of the file?