Please Help: Problems with syncing drums vst's with Dorico 3

Hi all,

I’ve been using Dorico for some time, and last week, with my participation in a jazz project, I decided to try and sync Garritan’s JABB with Dorico 3. It was all going well, until I got to the drums.

Weirdly, unlike every other instrument, the drums were not playing as intended, playing a whistle (one of the drumset’s sounds), for every position. When I tried to fix it with building a percussion map from the one on the library’s manual, it did only play the bass drum. I really don’t understand this. I even tried downloading Spitfire Audio LABS’ drumset and the same problem came up. I can´t find any explain for the why or how to fix this issue anywhere. Help would be much appreciated!


Dorico does not yet send MIDI tempo information to the instrument plug-ins, though this is something planned for in the future.

Welcome to the forum, rubrasrosh47. While Ulf is completely correct that Dorico doesn’t send tempo information to VST instruments during playback, in fact that’s almost certainly not the problem you are experiencing. You need to go to the Endpoint Setup dialog and choose an appropriate percussion map for the channel to which you have assigned your drums. I can’t remember whether all of the drum sets in JABB are General MIDI-compliant, but that’s where I’d start: choose the General MIDI percussion map for that channel and you should be all set.