Please help--Settle issue of buying a used elicenser version of Cubase as "new" Steinberg user

Hi all,

I am interested in purchasing a used copy of Cubase Pro 11. I’ve looked on the forum and internet but don’t fully understand how buying a used Cubase elicenser from somewhere like eBay works. I found this info, which seemed to come from a Cubase employee: If I purchase a used previous version of Cubase with elicenser that has NEVER been activated (for example, new in box), Steinberg would only allow me to download their latest version of Cubase, and would not allow me to download/use the previous version, and so the elicenser would basically be useless (as version 13 Pro doesn’t use an elicenser). 1) So, first, is this true?

From what I can gather from the forum, I think buying a used elicenser version of Cubase that was activated by the original purchaser should allow me to use the purchased elicenser version. But, one thing I should point out is that I’ve never registered a product with Steinberg before. I used Cubase LE extensively for years. I’ve now created a Steinberg account, and when I click “Products,” and then “Show eLicenser-based products,” there is a page with buttons for “Register eLicenser/software” and “Reactivate.” The used elicenser versions I’ve seen sell on eBay, the user says they’ve unregistered the elicenser from their Steinberg account. 2) So my question is, in my situation as someone who’s never registered a product with Steinberg before, let’s say I’ve bought a used elicenser for Cubase Pro 11, when I go to register or reactivate the elicenser, will Steinberg allow me to download Cubase Pro 11 or only let me download Cubase Pro 13? 3) Also, when I do that process, should I click “Register eLicenser/software” or “Reactivate?” I would think “Reactivate” but would appreciate hearing from anyone who might know.

I basically don’t know if when a person sells a used elicenser that they have unregistered from their Steinberg account, if then when the purchaser of the elicenser tries to register it with their Steinberg account, or in my case a new user with an account who’s never registered a product before, if Steinberg looks at the elicenser as being activated for the first time and would then only allow a download of Cubase Pro 13. I hope I could just reactivate the elicenser and download the older version of Cubase.

It’d also be good to know how it works beforehand as the Pro 11 elicenser is only occasionally sold on eBay so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. To avoid people responding with just recommending Pro 13, Pro 11 is very important to me to run on a macOS Mojave desktop computer in order to have a lot of high quality in/outs with external hardware that only works with Mojave or earlier.

I HATE to make this post any longer, but 4) if the buying-used-on-eBay route would work for me, could I purchase the Cubase Pro 13 upgrade and run Pro 13 on a different computer? So my elicenser desktop computer would have Pro 11 on it, but I’d be able to also use Pro 13 on a different computer.

If anyone who works at Steinberg reads this, if it’d be possible, I’d be willing to pay the full price of a new version of Cubase Pro plus the upgrade price in order to have a version of Pro 11 and Pro 13.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for the length but I think the confusion surrounding this could also help others, thanks again!!!

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Just read the Resale Wizard and learn what needs to be done.