Please Help! Staff separation lines, Groups of Beams, translation quirks

Hello everyone,

There are two questions:

  1. How can I get staff separation lines as shown here:
  2. The settings for grouping beams of quavers are working in 3/4 time but not in 4/4 time (see 2nd bar). How can I get the grouping of two quavers in 4/4 as shown in the 1st bar?

    *edit: solved. I did the wrong settings…

    Thanks for helping!

P. S.: The german translation of instrument names are quite quirky. E. g. if I chose classical guitar (solo), which is an Instrument with nylon strings and change language to german intrument names, there is newly “acoustic guitar with steel strings” shown in the list. A classical guitar soundwise is to find at “portugese guitar”. That’s quite confusin, isnt’t it? Also, the german instrument names are not availible in the initial score setup.

Hi, ba6

Regarding your last question:
Yes, currently the engraving setting for instrument names language is only used for instruments that you add after changing the setting.
So if you need to use German instrument names like me, the first thing you do is change this option (and set it as Default using the button at the bottom left corner of this very dialog :wink: )

Greetings from Austria!

Oh, super, das ging ja schnell! Hat geklappt! Vielen herzlichen Dank und herzliche Grüße in das wunderschöne Österreich aus dem Rheinland!

Hast Du eventuell eine Idee, wie ich diese System-Trennstriche in die Partitur bekomme und die Zweiergruppen-Achtelbalken im 4/4-Takt?


FÜr die Zweiergruppen gibts glaube ich eine Engraving Option. (Bin grad nicht beim PC…)
Die System-Trennspriche sind noch nicht implementiert, kannst du also nur als Text manuell hinmalen vorerst.

LG, Günther

Ich krieg es halt leider auch trotz verschiedener Einstellungen in den engraving options nicht hin. Im 3/4-Takt und anderen Taktarten klappt es ja, aber leider nicht im 4/4-Takt.

Edit: Ich Depp hatte die falschen Einstellungen. Weiter unten habe ich die richtige Achtelbalken-Option für 4/4-Takt gefunden … :unamused:

System dividers (those two diagonal lines) aren’t yet possible but the team have indicated they’re on the development roadmap. I suppose you could fudge them with text or graphics frames if you really need them now.

Thanks for Your reply! Are beams of quavers in groups of two possible in 4/4?

If you can’t find a satisfying beaming option in Notation Options, you can always resort to entering your meter as [1+1+1+1]/4 . This will force Dorico to beam as four separate crotchets/quarters, but will display a normal 4/4 time signature.

I believe there is a setting in Notation Options. I think you need to look for the section for simple meters that have a half bar, but I’m not in front of Dorico just now so can’t check.

Edit: I made a mistake by choosing the wrong settings. Now everything works fine. Thank You!

I’m in front of Dorico now. This is the setting you need (see screenshot) :

Thanks for Your help! Meanwhile I’ve got it … :unamused: :smiley:
I love working with Dorico. Sometimes it’s hard to find everything, though.

Pianola, are you a clairvoyant? Can’t remeber hearing this from someone from the team. I thought, that the forthcoming update will only be a little bugfix update.