PLEASE HELP!! Synch a sample to my projects BPM?

I’m finding this to be very frustrating.

It seems very complicated.

By what process are you adding the sample to the project? What version of Cubase? It’s only complicated because Cubase supports a lot of different ways of working that has nothing to do with EDM. So, what seems to you like “the way” to do it, would infuriate someone trying to sync audio to a video segment, or someone who needs to keep phase coherence across a multi-miced recording.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I have Cubase Artist 6.

I really only want to take sme drum samples from songs and synch them to my BPM. So, for example, I import an entire song into my audio pool. I then place the song on a stereo audio track and cut off the parts of the sound I don’t need so I only have the beat. I then go into the editor. This is where things get fuzzy for me. I don’t know what to do with the sample once I have it in the editor.

Does snap have to be on in both the editor and when I’m not in the editor?

Do I need to keep the sample in musical mode?

Do I need to activate the “musical” box in the audio pool next to the original song I took the sample from?

Do I only have to go into the editor, click on autowarp and musical mode and then the part should be synched?

Thanks again!

How do I synch the sample though? What must I do? Can you walk me through it?

Not sure if it will be helpful, but check out the link in my sig, “One way …”.

Success. Thanks everyone, it’s working now!