please help to get an open hi-hat to sound properly

I know this has been covered and I’ve tried what others have previously suggested, but I can’t get the open-hi hat in my score (marked with an “open” “o” playing technique) to sound as an open hi-hat. I’m using Superior Drummer set to the General MIDI percussion map (all the other drum sounds work as expected). I’ve tried:

  • choosing the hi-hat I’d like to have an open-sound, hitting shift-P, and choosing all of the various “open” techniques that are available - none sound as an “open” hi hat" (and the playing technique listed for that note in Play Mode’s piano roll is still listed as “closed”)
  • selecting the hi-hat note and adding the “open” technique via the Playing Techniques panel at right. In the past others have said there was an “Open 2” I could choose there, but all I’m seeing are “Open” under “Common” and the “open” symbol under “Unpitched Percussion” and neither work.
  • I’ve also tried deleting and re-inserting the “open” technique (and doing the same for the note I want to attach the technique to) as this was also a past suggestion.

I should add that I have the exact same problem using NotePerformer 3’s drum sound.

Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

It neither worked for me via the popover with NotePerformer but it works when I select the note and choose the open hithat symbol in playing techniques panel at the right hand side.
I hope this will get improved.

I had a similar challenge with EZDrummer 2. This was how I resolved it:

  1. I made sure the Endpoint dialogue for the EZDrummer VST was set to the appropriate percussion map.
    (In my case, an EZDrummer percussion map I had adapted from the GM map - the Open Hi-Hat was the same in both).

  2. I set the MIDI Channels for it as ‘1’ and clicked on ‘Set’ (even though ‘1’ was already showing.)

  3. In the track header for EZDrummer, I expanded it to show the list of drums.

  4. I then expanded the header for the Hi-hat and made sure that it was set to play the appropriate VST (EZDrummer) and that the assigned MIDI number was set to the same as the Endpoint dialogue (in my case, ‘1’).

  5. When I added the Playing Technique from the Right hand panel (the “o” sign in unpitched percussion - which is “Open 2”) the open hi-hat played correctly for me. It also played correctly adding “open” from the Playing Techniques popover.

Interestingly, as you’ve observed, the playing technique lane still displays all hits as “Closed”, but the appropriate hits do sound as an open hi-hat.
Hope this helps?

YES - that works! (thanks!!)