PLEASE HELP! UR22 Not recognized as USB speaker device

So, here’s my issue. My Steinberg UR22 works fine both inputting and outputting audio with my DAW (Adobe Audition) but outside of Audition I get no speaker output whatsoever (headphone or line output). Not Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, or even system sounds will play. When I go into Spotify and play a song it shows that it’s playing both in the application itself and in the system mixer but it doesn’t play through the speakers or headphones, same with all other applications. I also own a Line 6 GX which I normally use for my USB audio output device to my speakers and it outputs fine with all applications (I don’t have them both hooked up at the same time though). I think that the issue is that the UR22 isn’t registering as a speaker output device. That’s the only way I know to put it. I tried finding an answer to my problem in other threads but was unable to find any resolutions. If anyone knows how to help please let me know because this is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance!