Please Help, using Retrologue as a Filter via Sidechain input loses Stereo

How do we maintain the stereo image when sending audio into Retrologue via it’s sidechain input?

Using Retrologues Mod Matrix, LFO’s, Filter and FX on groups and other sounds is supposed to be a huge feature… but it’s no good if the sound sent into it via the sidechain is summed to mono first. I’m in much need of modulating a nice filter on some group tracks. The sidechain is easy enough to setup and I’m able to filter the sound as required, but the source is mono’d what did I miss?

I’d use Cubase MorphFilter but it’s pretty useless, the slopes don’t move out of the way to be fully open.

Thank you

edit: checking the panning of the send, it seems to only “see” (hear!) the left channel.

You are likely not missing anything.
If I’m not mistaken sidechain input are summed to mono.
Hopefully we can get multi-mono plugins too.

The way around is, as you probably wished you didn’t have to do :joy:, is creating parallel auxes and send only L signal and R signal separately. Not ideal and not perfect…

What is this… what! Thanks for the info. This destroys the use of Retrologue in such away.

I did try the panning of the send, when panning right, things went silent, which still leaves a few questions to the revelation.