Please Help! Where do I find groove agent 1?

I’ve re-downloaded Cubase 7 AI, because I was looking for groove agent 1, and it simply wasn’t there. I thought that perhaps there was a problem with the previous download. So I downloaded it again. However, it hasn’t gone on to Cubase 7 AI. I looked in the download file, and it was in the VST FILE. However it was a blank file. So I converted to a Cubase File with the “open with” function. However, it says it is a “VST sound file”. Does it come as something else that you buy separately or something?
1.) Is this the right file to install groove agent onto Cubase 7 AI?
2.) If yes, please could you tell me how to install it into Cubase.
3.) If not, please could tell how I should get Groove agent 1.
Thanks in advance! And if you do reply, please use relatively simple language in terms of computer terms and music production language, as I’m not great with it.