Please help with a couple workflow things (changing note duration, using voices)

I will often accidentally punch in a bunch of quarter notes when I meant to do eighth notes. If I select them all and click the eighth note, it still keeps them as quarter note duration if that makes sense? Whereas I want them all to be squeezed together and be straight eighth notes. I’ve tried force duration stuff but I don’t think I’m using it properly? I don’t understand.

As for voices, I will often input a bass part on the piano staff and then later want to add a tenor voice. I’m also not understanding this process. If I select all the notes there’s no way I’ve found to just force them to all be downstem. Sometimes I end up with two upstem voices and one down stem but I don’t understand why. Is there a way to quickly select notes already inputted and say “become upstem voice one” or whatever? I’ve watched videos and looked at the online help and there’s just something I’m not getting. The obvious solution would be to input the notes as downstem voice 1 from the beginning but that’s a mistake I frequently make…

And secondly, is there any way to input notes with the piano and have them read as two separate voices? Like if I’m on the treble part of the grand staff and I punch in C and E, is there a way to automatically make the high note soprano and the low note alto?

Thank you in advance!

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What you’re looking for is insert mode (I). Don’t forget to turn it off once you’ve performed your quarter to eighth operation !!!

  1. You may use insert mode for that, press “I” before you press eight note and the notes get bunched together
  2. It often helps to enable View>Note and Rest colors>Voice colors to see which notes are which voice, also if you select one note, in the status bar at the bottom it tells you which voice it is. If you want to change them to a different voice, right click>Voices>Change Voice>Upstem Voice 2 or whatever you like.
  3. There is the explode feature (copy the two notes C and E), select the free space in the soprano and alto, right click>Paste special>Explode. Dorico is more build towards the other way: Input all the notes in different staves (soprano, alto, …) and then merge them in a grand staff. You can also input notes at several staves at the same time by extending the caret with Shift+Down/Up-Arrow, if you have a Midi-keyboard. Then they get input in both staves at the same time.

No. But it simple to enter them all as 2-note chords, then use right-click>filter>notes in chords>bottom note followed by right-click>voices>change voice… to separate them.

Upstem and Downstem voices can be confusing at first, because in the absence of another voice, they both behave the same!

Everything @Janus just said is helpful. In addition, if you’ve entered a single line part on a staff, it’s easy to select them all and put them in Down-Stem Voice 1 if that’s what you want.

I have defined keystroke combinations specifically to “move all selected voices to Up-Stem Voice 1” or “Down-Stem Voice 1.” BUT please note that you must create a down-stem voice before you can move notes into it; if you don’t have such a voice yet, use the menu command for “new down-stem voice” the first time you need one on any given staff.

The way Dorico defines and uses voices can take a quarter hour to absorb & understand the first time you work with them. But the time is definitely well spent, as the resources they put at one’s disposal are valuable and powerful.

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One can now simply press V in Write mode to switch an upstem voice to a downstem voice (or SHIFT + V if the second voice has not been previously created).


i’ve tried this and don’t understand how? maybe it’s because i haven’t already done shift+v yet?

If you select the lower notes and press Shift-V then it will move the notes into a new voice.

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Yes. There are now a couple of replies (including one of mine) that mention this necessity (the voice has to be created first) and give different ways of moving notes between voices. At least one of them, I admit, I wasn’t aware of myself; I can’t wait to try it out.

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you can also just use the jump bar and search “filter bottom notes” instead of all that right click nonsense :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for reminding me

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