Please help with creating a library content


I’m creating a footsteps instrument at the moment and am trying to create the library file. The problem is that Halion Sonic SE can’t see the preset after registering. The only way to see it is to set preset’s filter to layer filter.

What am I doing wrong?

You probably used a layer preset instead of program preset to create the library.

After exporting HSSE layer preset from Halion 6 you should load that in Halion Sonic or Halion Sonic SE and save/export as program.

Then use this program preset to create the library.

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Thank you! I’ll try! Don’t you find this workflow a bit clumsy? Why it can’t create corresponding presets automatically during creating the instrument?

I see what you mean :grinning:

I think the idea is to create a basic init preset in Halion 6, then continue with final sound design in Halion Sonic. Create variations of the instrument by adding fx, applying different settings…

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It’s weird anyway. Also the manual is very unclear. There no place in it saying I have to drag the preset from mediabay onto library designer. I understood it by myself somehow. :slight_smile: