please help with morgana and samplelink !!! going crazy

Hi and happy holidays to all, just to let everyone know im a pretty much newbie to Cubase and a lot of stuff is still very confusing to me, so ive had 112db morgana sampler for a while now and never really used it, I don’t see too much support for it on the web or even on their website for it and whatever support there is is not helping and is extremely dated to say the least. On the user forum for morgana states that there is no special set up to make things more compatable with Cubase or studio one, and that I would have to use sample link, and when I try to use it it keeps taking me to micro soft office ??. Im trying to use external sources to sample from such as: turntables, cd players, hardware synths, {yes those ancient objects lol} or what ever external sources I choose. if someone has any knowledge of how I can get it too work with Cubase it would be great !
I also have the classic mpc 2000 that I didn’t even set up with Cubase that I will definitely be working with in the future as well, im used to working with hardware instruments and I am slowly but surely getting into vst instruments and would love to incorporate all of them to get my ideas and workflow across.

Thank you and Merry Christmas/ happy holidays to all of you !!