Please help with this tempo problem

Hello Guys

I cannot seem to get what my problem is there…I explain :

I apply tempo detection to an audio track which has a lot of tempo variations…I can see the tempo changes into the Tempo track and transport bar …if I click the metronome on everything is sync…now Every midi track that I do have there totally ignore the tempo and stays where it was before the audio tempo detection
If I add a new midi track it perfectly sync with the metronome and audio…so my question you guess it how do I sync midi tracks that were present before that audio tempo detection to the current tempo ?

Thanks for your help



Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but Midi is always “musical”, i.e relative to bars and beats.
If you recorded the midi before, along with the audio, then it was recorded in the wrong bars and beats, compared to the audio.
When you perform tempo detection, it modifies the tempo and signature (don’t forget to set it to the correct signature, it gets set to 1/4 when detecting!). This in turn causes the midi to be in wrong places compared to the audio.
New midi tracks are recorded/imported on the correct bars and beats so it’s OK.
That’s how it is expected to work in theory. The problem is that you say the midi stays as it was before.

Was the midi recorded along with the audio, on a wrong tempo, or was it recorded outside, regardless of the music?

The midi tracks are typically midi files ( Drums , Keys etc …) that I modify (usually heavily) and add own my audio files (vocals and guitars) on top to build my own playbacks


Because those midi tracks are in linear time base. See “Defining the track time base” (P.90 if you’re in the English manual.

I’m D/L the English one now (not my Native tongue)…
So it means there’s nothing I can do except export the midi before the tempo detection and re-import ?


Not at all, if you want to the midi tracks to follow tempo set them to Musical time base first.

This is a case one where reading the manual is a good idea, in your own language if possible. Is there one for you?

I did try to set them to Musical time base …They were on musical time base before the tempo detection…once you apply the detection it sets the midi tracks time base to linear …now even if I set them back to musical nothing changes
Well even if it would all midi events are at the wrong place
My Language is French …I’m afraid the French manual is worse than the English one :wink:

I am sorry- I gave you wrong info. :blush:

I created a file and check this out and I ran out of time before I could be really thorough– but try this:

Once you do the tempo detection, deactivate the tempo track, then activate musical timebase on the midi tracks, then reactivate the tempo track. Are the midi tracks in sync?

I only checked this with a single part on a single track, I’ll have time later today to look mat this again.

Apologies for steering you wrong, I need to learn how this works, apparently.

Man , no need to apologies especially when you just nailed it !!! It does work perfectly :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I really appreciate the help you provided on this … a big thank YOU :slight_smile:
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For some reason I forgot midi tracks can also be in linear vs musical time base. Likely because it doesn’t appear on the track, but only in the inspector.
Good catch.