Please help with UR22 buzzing feedback

Dear Steinberg forums,
I have purchased the UR22 just today and I must say that it has a marvelous performance, when it comes to clean sound. However, whenever I add distortion, I begin having a buzzing feedback and began worrying. I downloaded a few different VST’s played around and ultimately could not fix the issue.

I also downloaded the demo version of Reaper and Bias FX, but no luck getting rid of the buzz. This buzz is apparent in all the different settings on Bias FX which I find odd?

My setup is the following:

  • Tried two guitars, one with active and one with passive pickups.
  • Tried to different cables (never give any buzz or any type of feedback used with an amplifier)
  • I have my headphones plugged in with an adapter straight into the steinberg UR22.
  • I have used both slot 1 and 2 for jack with and without Hi-Z. The Hi-Z almost makes it worse somehow? Is that supposed to happen?

I have also removed nearby electronic devices (aside from my PC of course, which the UR22 is plugged into).

I hope that I have missed something or that you have some suggestions for me, cause I play rock music and distortion is a really important feature for the music I wanna record.

Yours Sincerely

First of all I think you mean “phantom power” instead of “Hi-Z” right? If so, yes it makes it worse cause it adds gain.
As for distortion, do you mean the onboard DSP crunch, a distortion pedal or a distortion VST?
And buzzing feedback: do you mean actual feedback (like holding your guitar to an amp? Or an “ugly” signal and if so with Direct Monitoring or after DAW?

I think some effect from dspMixFX mifght be interfering but depends on the questions here above. Look at the channelstrip and especially reverb’s settings.