Please help with Word Clock setup


I’m using newest Cubase and Nuendo on a Win7 PC

My I/O is an RME HDSP-9652 connected to a Fireface 802. Primarily 24/48. Works great.

I’ve decided to start using Cue Mixes for my client projects, so I have redeployed my old RME ADI-8 Pro I/O for the extra outs to the headphones distro.

Q: do I need to connect these together via word clock? If so, should I make the main unit, the 9652, the Master?

Any input on this, mysterious-to-me, topic would be greatly appreciated.

Jef K

9652 is the main interface I guess, 802 syncs itself via ADAT. ADI-8 does have ADAT in/out as well - at least I think. In this case simply connecting ADAT in/out will self sync it to the 9652 as well, no wordclock needed.