Please Help! Write Automation via MIDI Issue

When I use my Virus TI as a controller via a MIDI Learn function within a VST, moving the dial on the hardware doesn’t record, “R” and “W” is enabled. Yet moving the dial manually on the screen via the mouse does. What am I doing wrong here, what setting do I need to change in Cubase? Thank you.

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Does it work with other plug-in to you?

It works with NI Kontakt to me here.

Thank you. I only tied it on SPIRE as i can’t find the MIDI learn in Avenger. I’ll try another vst when back in studio.

I’m back in the studio and hit again by this wall! Please HELP ME!!!

Cubase is set to record all Midi inputs but wont WRITE Automation from my hardware set as remote, with W activated.

Cubase will…

  • Record midi notes from my remote when recording.

  • Write automation when I move the dial on screen via the mouse.

  • Show midi coming in when I move the dial on the remote.

  • Move the correctly linked dial on the screen when I move the dial on the remote.

  • Make the expected sound changes as I move the dial on the remote.

Cubase wont…

  • Write the automation into the lane via the remote, yet the correct dial is graphically moving on the screen and the sound changes heard, W activated. If i then use the mouse to move the same dial, all good

This is HUGE for me, I really need to figure it out. Please Help.
Thank you

I changed the title to be more appropriate.


How is the translation from the MIDI to the automation done? Do you use Quick Controls or Generic Remote or is it handled by the plug-in?

both those… I’m using the learn function of the plug in to make the dial move to the knob i’m moving. However, my gripe is. Surely if the actual knob moves on the screen, without using the mouse, Cubase should still know this is moving as it is moving. Very hard for me to find the right words.

edit: and thank you.


If you would use Generic Remote, I would expect, the automation should be written.

If you use mapping in the plug-in, then I wouldn’t expect the automation has been written.

“Generic Remote” so I need to study this. When I first read those words I thought they referred to using a “what ever” (as in generic) remote, not an actual name for a Cubase feature.

So this means internal mapping within a plugin is pointless, as it wont be wrote? This is a shame, especially when mapping say a filter knob on a synth to now be the filter on a VST.

I did buy a Novation Impulse control but I wasn’t a fan of how the automap creates new VST’s of everything (i.e. Sylenth1 (automap)) and how the standard instance of it shows as “Ableton mode” in a pop up… no, no, more no’s, not having that. And, the viewing angle on the screen is completely off, noway to fix, it views better from the angle when the text is upside down, stood the wrong side of it.

Okay! I’m going to say it! This is completely rubbish. There’s some serious not working as it should going on with the Remote Control Editor. lol!!!

Generic Remote wasn’t simple to use either. it looks like my quest for the perfect controls has only just begun!

So… wiggling the scroll bar refreshes the displayed text in the lower window, very professional! Makes more sense now.