Please help: wrong usb dongle

it seems i have mistakenly attached my new pro 11 to the wrong usb dongle (not mine, college property) and not to my new one they i recently received. i guess my mistake was that i didn’t pull the old one out before, and just let them both be there . now i gotta downgrade the old one and connect the new one to the pro 11 iv’e payed for.
please help :slight_smile:

Connect both dongles at the same time and drag the license from one to the other.

thanks but where do i even see them on the screen?

Run the eLicenser Control Center. It should look like this

There you can drag the Cubase license to the other dongle…

Yes that’s exactly what I did when I bought a new one. I then ever dragged Cubase AI onto my old dongle to use on another machine while using Cubase 10.5 on my main computer