please help

Hi there all.

I would really appreciate some help. I have installed cuebase elements 10 sometime ago and gave up through some key problems.
I have come back to it but get the same problems. it is not obvious to me what I am doing wrong.
I am a beginner following some online tutorials who wants to get to the stage where I can play some guitar and weave some songs together.

  1. when using the elements 10 with headphones plugged in directly to the windows PC, I can get sound out of the pc and I can hear the samples when I select loops in the SE library. however, when I try and add a track with HALion Sonic SE, HS SE library the sample cannot be heard through the headphones or the chord pads. I add the Halion sonic SE by dragging the icon from the media tab over to the main track window.
    also it keeps saying some audio files are missing please check installation. I have no clue where to look on thi.

  2. also the last time I spent ages looking at this, I connected an M-Audio interface through the PC, it was all connected successfully but when I used it through cue base, the PC would crash out with a blue screen at random times.

My experience so far is painful, I can’t get off first base, it feels like the installation and config itself is very difficult. most of the online tips I see refer to UI from a previous version of Cuebase so I can’t apply to this UI.

any help or pointers would be most appreciated.


  1. The HALion Sonic SE library is probably not installed.
    Make sure you:
  • Download the Full Installer.
  • Unpack the ZIP file and install from the unzipped folder.
  • Install from the setup.exe.
  • Install as administrator.
  1. Most probably, this is hardware/driver issue. Blue screens are mostly hardware related. Please reinstall the MIDI Keyboard driver.

Most probably, this is hardware/driver issue. Blue screens are mostly hardware related. Please reinstall the Fakaza MIDI Keyboard driver.

thanks very much for your help.
do you mean use the Steinberg download assistant to download the Halion Sonic 3 components (which for me are)
the installation guide
HALion Sonic 3 - 3.4.0
Content HALion Sonic 3 - this is a 29.53 Gb download
Version History 3.4.0

from there go to the folder where these downloads have taken place.
I see a folder for Content HALion Sonic 3
in there are a number of Steinberg VST Sound archive files (108 in total)
e.g. FCP_SMT_001_HS_Synths_01
I am guessing this is not what I should be doing as there is no Zip file to extract.


HALion Sonic 3 is something different. This is own product, you don’t have a license for (most probably). If you would install it from HALion Sonic 3 installer, you would get license missing message soon.

I was thinking to, download and install Cubase Full Installer.