Hi guys, I´m not new to recording in fact Ive been doing this for a few years at my home studio.
Recently my recording interface after 5 years of service went down while on duty :astonished:

The thing is that instead of replacing it I got a Peavey PV10USB mixer with the overall idea of being able to mix on the board directly and being able to send two channels to any daw for recording. At the same time of course being able to use the mixer on live settings.

The thing is that (I blame peavey for this) as you all know this great product doesnt have a driver!

Ive been trying to use Cubase LE4 and Acid Music Studio 8 and while the daws recognize microsoft mapping, Steinberg`s asio direct x, usb audio card in/out, or anything I want to call they wont pick any input signal and of course neither output. Ive been trying everything even asio4all.

The only software working right of the box with this setup is Audacity :blush:

i spoke with a mixer engineer from peavey and told me that this mixers have been designed to work with microsoft`s drivers so clearly their is a communication problem with cubase requiring asio.

BTW Im running Win7 64bit.

Please help I need more than audacity for my projects!!

Google ASIO4All.

Should you not be selecting the USB audio in Cubase for the driver?