please help

I have Cubase 4 on a Intel mac and i haven’t used it for a while. So today i started a new song. I went to use a Cubase effect and the following message came up

“VST bridge connection lost.
Please load previous version of this project to restore lost settings of bridged plug ins.
Disable incompatible plug ins if possible”

Can someone tell me what needs to be done so i can use the effects again. I believe i have the most up to date version of Cubase 4.

Thanks in advance

You’re using a 32 bit plug-in in 64 bit Cubase. The bridge is what connects them. I have had that “lost connection” occasionally. If you are getting it constantly, you may be low on memory. Of course a sure fix is to use 32 bit Cubase. Another idea is to try the free demo of jBridge (google it). Also, check to see if the plug-in is available in 64 bit now (best option!) (since you said you haven’t used it in a while).

How do i see if the internal effects for Cubase 4 have 64 bit versions.

Look carefully at the little icon to the left of them in the drop-down lists.
Alternatively, open up “Devices/Plug-in information” and have a look at what is installed.
This list will tell you the exact VST version by where the plugin is located.
32-bit versions will be in the C:/Program Files (x86)/yada/etc location.