Please Help!!

I’ve been using Cubase since the early 90’s. I just up graded from my old Mac PowerBook G4 and Cubase SX 3 to a new PowerBook Pro 15" quad core and Cubase 6. I couldn’t find an upgrade from CB SX 3 to CB 6 so I went ahead a bought the full version.

I see lots of improvements but all the basics are the same, more or less… Now here is my problem, all of the sudden when I export a mix the mixed down track plays super fast… :open_mouth: I’ve looked at all the export file options and I can’t find where I am going wrong. Before this happened I changed the pitch on a couple of songs and they exported fine, no problem but now I’m trying to export a simple single guitar track with a few plug-ins and I get these super sped up mix downs…

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance, Dave

Sounds like a Sample Rate mismatch. Is the Sample Rate of the audio files the same as what you have set in your project/audio interface?

On second thought, a Sample Rate mismatch would also affect playback so scratch that (unless you’re also noticing this on playback as well?).

Without knowing more about the actual project in question, I’d say to compare the sample rate of the Project (in the Project menu>Setup), the actual sample rates of the individual files (as seen in the Pool) with the sample rate of your proposed export in the Export>Audio Mixdown dialog.

Have you tried printing the track rather than doing the mixdown? What plug in’s are on the tracks that are giving you problems?