Please help.

I have a Roland Fantom kayboard working with Cubase 5 studio (about to upgrade to 7.5) and I am trying to use my Roland keyboard to play all VST instruments and having some problems. My Roland is connected to my C12 interface which is connected to CPU via USB. I kinda new at this and am wondering the setup process. Do I need to set up as midi? If so do I simply connect my Roland straight to CPU with midi cables and bypassing the interface all together? I also did not see the Roland listed under “devices” and didnt know if this was a problem or if I can just “add” the roland manually myself into the device list. Pretty much just looking for the step by step setup process along with the exact cables I need hooked up and where. Again…my current set up is Roalnd keyboard - C12 interface - CPU
Also, in Cubase…will it be an instrument track or a midi track? or does it really matter. Thank you.

Midi cables from the Fantom to the CI2 should work fine, but midi over USB directly from pc to fantom should also work fine, doesn’t really matter.

For VSTinstruments, an instrument track is easiest, but a midi track is also possible if you load the VST instrument in the instrument rack.
In your instrument track, set the input to the MIDI input you want to use. (this could be your CI2 midi input or the Roland USB midi input, whichever you picked.) Enable monitoring on the instrument track and you should be able to play the VSTi.

Thank you. I will try that!