Please help!!!

Hello, im fairly new so i didnt know if this would be the place to ask but here we go! I bought cubase artist 7 around april last year and have not activated it or installed it yet. But im about to purchase cubase 6 off ebay with out a activation code or usb key. I was wondering if i used the activation key and usb off ca7 and used it on c6 will it upgrade c6 to cubase 7.5? As it says on steinberg website free grace period update… I havent used the code or usb from ca7 just to remind you. Thanks

So, you are purchasing nothing? I hope you are getting a good deal.

Your Cubase Artist 7 license won’t allow you to run Cubase 6 because it is a higher level software version. Cubase Artist 6 would work.

You won’t have anything Cubase 6 to register or activate, so there is no way you can get any kind of grace period update.


Sorry in a hurry but do not pay money for that Cubase 6

Thanks for replies, its £7.50 so i thought it was a bargain. I wont use my ca7 code or usb now! But would it be possible anywhere to get it to work? Any help appreciated and once again thanks for replies

No, of course not.

in the famous words of P.T.Barnum…theres a ________ born every minute :wink:

if you just want a box, a manual and a DVD you can´t use, sure why not…

But the offer is basically worth £0.- without the activation code and an elicenser which is needed to run the program

Thanks for help

But, a swallower is hard to find :astonished: .

Sorry, couldn’t resist …

Carry on.