Hello all,

I have activated cubase 7.0 artist and have used the acivation code to activate it. Then i proceeded to download 7.5 update and install but now tells me to use my activation code. I entered my activation code again and now it says activation fail.

When i now go on cubase 7.0 it tells me that i have one day trial??? i used the activation code to activate so i dont understand what im doing wrong. PLEASE HELP ME!

What is shown in the eLCC for a license on your USB-eLicenser? If you activated Artist 7 it should show a “full license”. If it does, you are good to go. Are you talking about a popup alert message when you try to launch Cubase?

Did you actually purchase the 7.5 update? If so, you should have received a new activation code.

Or, perhaps you fall into the “grace period”?

There’s your problem. 7.5 is a paid for upgrade, and can’t be activated with the code for 7.0. It needs a new activation code!