PLEASE help...

Hey Guys,

I’m now truly under the gun, deadline is yesterday.
One of the VO tracks has some Avid MC processed elements labeled " slowed down 83%"
The entire mix is great and almost done, but these nasties crackle annoyingly.
I can see the cause and reason, but how would I be able to get around it ?
Don’t really think it’s possible…I am sure I’ll have to ask the editors to resend , but what should I be asking for?
Re-voicing is out of question this time.

Any hints ?
Please bail me out …
Thanx !!

BTW…these are translator tracks, with critically edited and locked timing

I guess if they slowed down VO reads the reads were too short to begin with. I’d say tell them to just send the same VO track with the unaltered files laid in. You already have the slowed down version, so you know how it’s supposed to sound in terms of timing. Just make sure they are lined up properly and stretch yourself to match.

If you still get crackles then either try to decrackle it with a restoration tool or simply tell them that it doesn’t work.

It seems to me that they screwed up during production and it’s really not your fault. I think you should be very very clear that this is a problem that you can’t really solve.

Someone SLOWED DOWN a voiceover track? Seriously? And wanted it used in the mix? :open_mouth: Okayyyy… where are the nets, prods and streightjackets…?
One possible thing you could do: If they did it with the AudioSuite Time Compression/Expansion function, click on the clip, and delete it. Rendered AudioSuite effects will sometimes, depending on the settings, have the original unprocessed clip underneath, which will show up and play if you delete the processed clip from the timeline.
This won’t work however if they used a track effect and rendered it on export.

Well, IF crackling is your only problem on the tracks, you might want to consider a declicker (like RX).


Thank you guys both.

All suggestions mentioned was considered, and the request is out to the production team.
That VO section is only a very small chunk of an otherwise problematic 1 hour TV program.
Many diff. location crews, editors, etc.
Normally I am doing all VO recordings in house , but these time I took a 10 day vacation,. first in 6 years.

Actually these aren’t “crackles” per se…I was quick to write that…more like glitches.
Will have a response tomorrow.

again, thank you :slight_smile:

Here is an example ;

My opinion: Slowing down human voice to 83% is much too much. Even when ou replace the bad strech algo with a good one it will sound as coming from out of space…too unnatural.


Thanx Oswald. Regardless of algo or other side effects, this came in for audio mix for a TV program.
The decision of initially doing it, wasn’t mine.

BTW…update to problem : Still no reply from the editors, I went ahead and imported the original VO recordings from a server archive. Did the MPEX high quality stretching and some manual moving clips a bit I am now back to a good sounding audio.
And…confirming my old theory on why pix editors feel superior to us…loser audio professionals. :mrgreen: