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Hi all
I don’t need to in Flow 2 multi measure rest,
please advise
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If you want to see actual measures instead of the Tacet indication, set the Multi-measure option in Engrave mode.

If you want to eliminate the second flow, uncheck it at the bottom of the Setup mode screen, or if you only do not want to see the piano part in the second flow, choose Flow 2 and uncheck the piano in the leftmost column of Setup.

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Or maybe this helps: Layout Options*/ Bar Rests and Multi-bar…* set Consolidate to None

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I need to default

set this up

I am quite sure, there is a more elegant solution - but for now you could add text with shift-x to every bar. Then the rests won’t consolidate. As text just input an empty space. That’s sufficient to break up the multirest.

If you don’t need to show the staves for the first flow where this player is tacet, and instead an in-built tacet would work, you could also simply disable consolidation of multi-bar rests in this layout, and remove the player from flow 1. That would result in Dorico showing an automatic tacet for flow 1 and separate bars in flow 2.

thank you all for the advice!!


is it possible to do the same in Dorico as in the FINALE program?
see picture


In the second flow. Select all (bars) and create a chord region, that will break the multibar rest.

Hi Rafaelv,
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no multimeasure rest in galey wiew Dorico
How do I do that?

Layout options>Players>Bar rest and multibar rests> consolidate, select none.

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it’s exactly what I needed👏

(That doesn’t just affect galley view, it affects page view as well)