PLEASE How can I make like this?

How can I make like below picture

54kb file is dorico project


How can I make like this?
picture dorico is problem.
I want to make like example picture.

Currently, if you want to hide ‘cautionary’ key and time signatures at the end of a system, you have to create a new flow for the next system. From the slight indent on the right hand side, it looks like these lines are separate examples. Is that right?

Use two separate flows.

I’m wondering whether it would not be easier to create a coda — you can create as many codas as needed. Just get rid of the rehearsal marks :wink:

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To be fair to the OP, I suspect he/she/they posted the first thread, then realised it hadn’t appeared and had another go. There’s a delay for first posters - I think the first post is read by a moderator before it’s approved - presumably to stop people from spamming the forum.

YEAP Thanks very much :slight_smile:

sorry It was mistake, and OK :slight_smile:

Exactly right. Thanks :slight_smile: