Ok, i pray,

I need ya connect my monomachine ( elektron monomachine) how slave and CUBASE 4 how master,
as I can be so difficult so simple a thing? i dont know… Rememember (should work keyboard, transport, midi notes, etc etc,. ALL PLEASE

1º Connect Midi out of my hub midi to midi in monomachine(jajajajaj)
2ºConfigure Monomachine for Slave Mode (i tried all modes, including the right choice, “Transport; Exter” Time: Ext Midi Clocl… :frowning:)

3º Configure Cubase 4 how Master ( this is the problem i think) – PLEASE I TRIED ALL POSIBILITIES - First i configure sinchronization on "transport/Synchronization configure — “Internal Timecode”/Machine-Control/MidiClockOut(“my hub midi out”)/ID-Dispositive=1 and 4 audio tracks. Midi Clock Out (my hub midi out too) and i selected all options (send start postion, etc etc)

4º NO FUNCIONA - DONT WORK - Cubase received midi and i can record the monomachine midi but when i play cubase dont play MONOMACHINE and backwards, cubase wasn´t play the monomachine and play the midi notes recorded either-

Pleaase anybody can explain to me what happend???

Thanks thanks thanks

I tried Create new external instrument, dont work too :frowning:

and i tried the last day to only midi track and not… ufff :frowning:

You need audio cables from the device to your soundcard to get audio out of it and an audio track in Cubase set up to monitor that audio.