Please I need help. I just bought the upgrade from Dorico 3.5 Pro to Dorico 4 and it won't let me do

Hello Daniel, greetings from Rio de Janeiro. Please I need help. I just bought the upgrade from Dorico 3.5 Pro to Dorico 4 and it won’t let me do it. It says that it is not upgradable, that I have a Dorico Pro 3.5 Educational? That is not possible. When I bought Dorico 3.5 Pro I bought it from Dorico Elements. I have the proof of purchase of January 5, 2021 with the value of 449.00 euros…Not educational.
So, I am not able to install Dorico 4 by upgrading from Dorico 3.5 Pro. Please can you help me? Thanks !

Hello, the license appears to be properly registered and activated by now - at least that is what the backend shows. Is this issue still pending?

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If it says “not upgradeable” in the eLicenser Control Center it may be that you have already upgraded the Dorico 3.5 licence to Dorico 4. However, your Dorico 4 licence won’t show up in eLicenser Control Center - it will show up in the new Steinberg Activation Manager application. What is displaying there?

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Hello ! thanks for answering. Yes, still pending. It still says it’s not upgradable. What I don’t understand is why it appears that my Dorico 3.5 Pro is educational… It isn’t! I paid for the Dorico Elements upgrade to 3.5 Pro in January 2021 and it is the one I am using now. I am still a new user on Dorico.

Sometimes it can be possible for the Steinberg Activation Manager to show “stale”, out-of-date information. Can you try the following:

  • Sign Out of Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Quit the Steinberg Activation Manager, and also Dorico
  • wait 10 seconds (to allow background processes to quit)
  • re-launch Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Sign In again

Does it still show “verification pending” after doing this?

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Yes!!! it worked !! I had forgotten to download the STEINBERG ACTIVATION MANAGER. As I am a new user in Dorico I made that mistake. Thanks to all of you, you are a great family and a great help for those of us who are new to Dorico. Thanks!

What a big Upgrade !! Bravo Dorico Team !! You’re the best of the best. I always used Sibelius. Since the first version and in January 2021 I switch to Dorico. Without a doubt the best editor of all time. Thank you all again. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

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One last question please. Dorico 3.5 Pro keeps showing up on my Mac, I thought I was going to overwrite it. What do you suggest? I delete it or leave it. Do I have to delete the E licenser of Dorico 3.5 Pro? Thanks

The Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 installations are completely independent, so you can keep Dorico 3.5 if you think you might want to continue using it, or you can uninstall it if you want to save space. The only thing you can’t do is run Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 at the same time.

If you do uninstall Dorico 3.5, you might still want to keep the eLicenser as there are other Steinberg products which still use it. At the moment the only Steinberg products that use the new Steinberg Licensing system are Dorico 4, HSSE 3.5.0 and the sound sample content that ships with Dorico 4.


Ok! Thank you Richard !!