Please I wont cubase 11 product in Software Licenser

Software Licenser is empty. But USB Licenser contains Cubase 11 product
I want the Software Licenser to contain Cubase 11 product.
i want USB Licenser to be used less often. I want to use as much Software Licenser as possible.
How to introduce Cubase 11 in Software Licenser ? Now Software Licenser is empty.

I used to edit this message.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You cannot transfer Cubase Pro license to the Soft-eLicenser.

But there was an announcement made by Steinberg, they are heavily working on the software-based license system for all products.

something is not well with his software elicenser, with his audio out put, with step imput, and probably with more things …
in my mind is the idea of asking for money back from its developers.