Please implement more options in naming PDF exports

I’m sure it’s on the roadmap, but I just want to say I hope this comes sooner than later! When I’m exporting all these cues I am needing to (in my case) name the PDFs as the name of each flow. It would be really great if we could customize that sort of thing as well as version numbers. Yes- I know I can add the date, but in my case they want version numbers…

I was just thinking of this yesterday - and I’ve wished for it many times. I’m also sure it’s on the roadmap, but I just wanted to put in my +1!

While we’re at it, it would be nice to have the option to include all the pages from a given export into a single PDF. I generally create one PDF for the conductor score and another PDF containing all the parts in score order. I realize I can combine PDFs with separate utilities, but it would save a lot of time to do this right at the point of export.

Can I ask what happens to the Parts PDF after that? How do you ensure that each part starts on a new sheet?

You can have single PDF files with multiple pages, you know? :wink:

I think what Ben meant was, if some parts are odd numbers of pages how can you be sure that the first page won’t print in the reverse of the last page of another part.

I do. And if you have all the parts in one multi-page PDF, how do you ensure that each part starts on a new sheet of paper, rather than on the back of the preceding part? Assuming you’re duplexing, of course.

I take care of that when I print. I don’t worry about it in the PDF. But if a person intended to always print everything to double sheets, then one could certainly inject blank pages as the single PDF is compiled. And I think that would be an excellent option to have directly within Dorico (i.e. always start each part on an odd page or always start on an even page.)

I’m not a printing professional but isn’t that a setting in the print dialog/printer options? Most of the time, when I got PDFs with multiple pages, on my home printer it would just print every page on a single sheet of paper by default. And the few office printers I’ve used all had a way to choose how pages should be printed (or copied).

I think the idea is that if you know every part will consist of 2 or 4 pages, then it is handy to do a single print request, sending everything to 2-up printing, but if there is a 1-pager in there somewhere, that would make a mess. That’s why I suggested an option to always start parts on odd or even pages. That way, Dorico would insert blank pages where necessary.

Coming relatively soon…

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What would also be handy is a quick way to set the saved folder to the same path where the Dorico file is. Because there is no template or library capability in Dorico, I generally start a new project by copying the Dorico file that is most similar to my new project. But that carries the old path for PDF exports. It would be nice to have one of the following:

  1. A switch that causes the exports to go to the same path as the project
  2. A button that sets the path name to the current project
  3. A text box where I can enter a sub-folder name (relative to the project folder), which would become relative to a different folder if i moved the Dorico file elsewhere.


What I do (on macOS): I open the pdf file in Preview.
I let the application display the page miniatures in the sidebar.
I choose DoubleSided as view option.
I check the view of the files.
If a right hand side lage displays to the left, I insert an empty page into the pdf (there is a menu for that).
Or I just drag title pages (as pdf) into the sidebar into the desired place.
Preview is a fantastic tool for manipulating the order of pages in pdfs. And it is much faster than Adobe Acrobat or similar heavyweight applications.

Daniel, please-if possible-give us the ability to add a user defined text field as one of the options. In my case, I need to put version numbers “v1, v2, etc”. I imagine others will have random things they want in their file names and a user defined token would allow for all of that…similar to the “name” field thatCubase lets you define on export…

You can add any custom text you like to the recipe simply by typing it in. Obviously because the names are stored in preferences, rather than on a per-project basis, you will have to give the recipe a quick visual check before you export a new project to make sure whether or not you’ve got any custom text in there that you want to remove.


Love the PDF filename options implemented, saves so much time. Could it also be possible to include the Project subtitle token into the dialogue box in a future update? It could be very useful.
Thanks as always.