Please include an Undo function in the VST Multipanner

Please include an Undo function in the VST Multipanner.

There is one already. Just use the Undo of the Mix Console History (… that’s also the left-most button in the upper left corner of the mixer window by default, IIRC).

You can also assign a key-command.

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That’s true, but I mean in the Multipanner VST directly. It’s often opened via the inspector in the main window, or via the channel parameters window. At this point, the Mixconsole is not necessarily open. So you’d need an Undo in the VST Multipanner window.

p.s. @Steve removed the “feature-request” from my Post, but it’s definitely a “feature-request”.

Like I wrote before: Assign a keyboard shortcut to the command, then the mix console doesn’t have to be opened.

Diezt, that’s a good idea and I’ll do it, but my request remains logical. Otherwise, we remove the Undo from the Misconsole and use shortcuts (like Ctrl Z). The truth is that buttons are more intuitive, simplify and facilitate work, - and have the advantage of illustrating that the function exists. And there’s a limit to keyboard shortcuts, at least for our human memory. There’s plenty of room in the Multipanner window to add Undo-Redo. In the meantime, I’ll go along with your idea, of course.

I put the tag back. But it sounds like what you want specifically is a button, so maybe put that in your OP.

I’m not sure that

Thanks, Steve.

This is of course one point of view, so it’s subjective. There are so many different workflows…

I took the trouble to ask in the middle of a job where this simple feature would have helped. The situation was that of a person (me) who was looking for something. Not everything is analyzed by the user. His target is the work and the result. But then, we’re not getting into the nitty-gritty here. Just a helping hand.
Kind regards. I’m aware of the work you do.

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I would not vote for this request, because it’s specific to a single plugin, and it also duplicates an existing function.

I get where you’re coming from, but I would only suggest the same thing as @Dietz.

My view in general would be to first use the existing function, once you learn about it. So you really should try to use the mixer undo function in the VST MultiPanner. You will have to assign keystrokes to the two commands. Once you’ve done that, the procedure will be trivially easy, and can also be used in other VSTs.

Actually I understand where @Mute’s idea comes from.

Most modern plug-ins have their own “local” undo/redo management. The good thing about this is the independence from the DAW’s undo history. This offers the possibility to continue working on the mix itself and still return to an earlier setting in the plug-in, even half an hour later.

My vote for this request! :slight_smile: