Please Include Non-Technical Durations In Key Commands Help

Currently the Key Commands Help reference only shows the technical engraving jargon for note durations, which mean nothing to many of us. It would be helpful to those of us not schooled in such terms if you added references to, for example, 1/8 notes, or 1/16 notes (in the format of your choice, of course) next to “quaver” and “semi-quaver.”

Thanks for the feedback.

The key commands reference is dynamically generated each time you view it so it can accurately reflect the language you’re running the application, the selected language-specific keyboard layout and any customisations you’ve made.

As a result, some of the descriptions aren’t quite as “human readable” as they should be. We aim to improve that as soon as we can. Hopefully there’s enough information there to understand it though!

Steve, thanks! That demonstrates how unschooled I am in British terminology as well as engraving terminology! :slight_smile:

Curious that you see something different. The only language option for English does not distinguish between British English and American English. I wonder how to get mine to look like yours? I have “US English” selected at the top of the Keyboard Shortcut help page.

I actually wasn’t looking at the reference, but the preferences page- when I figured out that’s not what you were talking about I deleted my post, but you had already responded, DaddyO, So here’s the post in all it’s original errancy.

Interesting that you are seeing quavers, etc. I am seeing 1/8, etc . I wonder what that depends on?

By the way, quaver, crochet, etc, are not engraving terms, they are what the British call the notes.

(Ben posted while I was writing…)

Steve, ah, I went to the Preferences and see what you were talking about.

Ben, no problem. It’s understandable that there’s more progress to be made. Daniel went to great lengths prior to release to prepare us for that.

When I lived across the pond years ago, I was always amazed to hear “Bloody hell, what are you playing- it’s crochet, crochet, crochet, quaver, semiquaver, semiquaver, not quaver, quaver, quaver, semiquaver, demisemiquaver, demisemiquaver!” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s even worse for Brits playing in France - the French for “quaver” is “croche”.