Please include User FX chain presets in macros

Hi Support,

Can user presets( FX chain) can be included in macros? or the ability to include plugins as insert with preset selected be included in the macros. This will speed up the workflow by loading new tracks with preloaded user presets.


Isn’t the project logical editor made for this? I’m not sure… :thinking:

Dont think so. I checked in it. I can make a macro to create a track with track preset browser but if i skip the process of selection preset from browser and instead i can pick user preset in a macro, that will save some clicks and wait time of preset filter.

you can select a user preset in the browser as well… or I don’t understand what you are trying to do

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Yes. i dont want to select but define which user preset to load right into macro. Its like with one key i will be able to load macro with user preset included.