Please incorporate smarter “selection” workflow in iOS

Ok. I’m just going to come out and say it.

the UI in iOS is absolutely painful to use.

Trying to turn these into slash notation involves more steps than there should be.

“extend selection right” (i.e. Shift + ->) does not seem to work on measures of rest.

Selection+ is annoying and still requires me to click on every measure.

The “select more” Control+shift+A command mysteriously does nothing

Clicking and dragging not only requires me to unselect that extra measure at the end which inevitably ends up in my box, but it also annoyingly selects the first ending too, even if I’m dragging nowhere near it.

I can’t seem to deselect something once it is selected. I should not have to use “filter” in this situation, because that’s absurd! So many extra clicks.

Anyways, it’s really way too complicated. Remember that at the end of the day this is a graphical / visual editor, and the keyboard shortcuts should share similarities with other graphics programs, DAWs, etc otherwise you are reinventing the wheel (and not in a good way like much of the rest of your program)!

Yes, I agree that there’s an unfortunate confluence of tricky things in this example. Firstly, all of those bar rests are showing up as multi-bar rests, which don’t behave quite the same as regular bar rests; you’d need to change the settings in Layout Options to prevent Dorico from consolidating those, which would then make it easier to select them.

You’d probably find it marginally easier to switch to galley view, zoom out, and make a marquee selection by tapping-holding-dragging over the bars, then creating the slash region.

In any case, your point is well made, and we are of course aware of the difficulties that arise with this kind of thing in Dorico for iPad.

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