Please - Is anyone using the MCU with CB8 sucessfully?

Specifically try the following (this was an issue report):


  1. Open a New Empty project.
  2. Add any number of audio channels.
  3. Highlight 2 or 3 of the new channels in the Visibility Pane of the Mix Console and hide them.
    Do the Tracks disappear from the Mix Console but remain visible on the MCU? Or go away on both (as they should)?
  4. From the “Filter Channel Types” drop down menu in the Mix Console deselect (filter) “Audio” tracks.
    Do all Tracks disappear form the Mix Console AND the MCU? This function Works for me.

Does your MCU behave the same?
Or does it work correctly?


This issue is very key for me and I need to figure out if it’s global or something odd in my setup (and several other peoples).